About Me

Namaste!!! Welcome to my healthy and tasty food blog space where I will be showcasing all the recipes from my first hand experience. I  believe that healthy and delicious cooking is no rocket science and with right guidance you can be master chef of your own kitchen. All you need is a “strong will” to cook your own food.

My philosophy is “live today as if there is no tomorrow”. I do not deprive myself of little pleasures in  life like having an ice cream on  hot summer day or enjoying hot fritters with a cup of tea on cold winter mornings. All I do is cook it by myself because i know whatever I cook for me and my family will be made with healthiest ingredients, right method and infinite love.

I was born in New Delhi, the capital city of India, which is all about mouth-watering food. One can find cuisines from all cultures here whether national or international, ancient or modern. Delhi has always been and still is a center of “ruling power”. Many royals came by to give this city a treasure of food art. Indian cuisine reflects an 8,000 year history leading to diversity of flavors and regional cuisines found in modern India.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”- Hippocrates, father of medicine. Indian food has always stood by this philosophy. It is very much evident in our indigenous herbs and spices that we use in our everyday cooking.

I now live in Toronto, the thriving of Canada and here I learnt embracing healthy food. Over here, one can find many vegan restaurants serving interesting raw plant based dishes. I actually gave up non-vegetarian food when I moved here and adopted completely vegetarian food because I realized how much more healthy it is for us and for our planet. And there began my journey of experimenting with healthy food.

In my recipes, I do not use white refined sugar but only natural sugar substitutes like dates, honey, maple syrup and freshly squeezed fruit juices. I use deep frying method in some recipes because it is not an entirely bad thing to do after all. Just make sure you use the right oil to fry in and that this method is used only once or twice a month. I like to use dairy products in my cooking but I do share many dairy free and gluten free options for my vegan friends. So watch out for all healthy recipes because healthy food can be made delicious too. All you need is a “Soulful Palate”.

Why Soulful Palate?

: I want to create recipes that are absolutely white refined sugar free. I came across many researches and documentaries that acquainted me with evil effects of white sugar on our health (especially our brain). And I immediately decided that there will be no white sugar in my kitchen and resorted to use only natural sweeteners like honey, jaggery, maple syrup, molasses, dates and other fruits in my cooking. Soulful Palate is a medium through which you will get such ingredient based recipes that I research and experiment in my own kitchen, before it reaches you.

: My aim is to incorporate more plant-based ingredients in our day today cooking. The nutrients in plant-based foods are absorbed much faster by our bodies which equips us with more efficient energy levels. The benefits are not only for us but also for the environment on whole. There are innumerable researches that have been done and are still going on to prove this fact. Though Soulful Palate does not force or turn people into strict vegans or vegetarians but rather a medium through which one can draw inspiration to cook more plant-based recipes.

: I want to create a basic understanding of ingredients and to educate ourselves with efficient usage of food resources that we all are blessed with. In this age of technology where information is so readily available, we can be more aware about making better food choices to improve our health. Soulful Palate in one such media which will inspire you to cook healthy food through step-by-step video recipes. If you have any queries with any particular recipe, we can be easily reached through comments section or email.

: Many times we have to compromise on taste aspect while consuming healthy foods. But that is not a case here since the recipes that have been created for you are tried and tasted by many in my own social circle. Only when I get positive feedback about those recipes, I write and video/photo shoot those recipes to share with you through Soulful Palate website. So you can be assured that the recipes will taste good and make you feel good about your health.

: We often interpret healthy food to complicated process of cooking but there is no such thing in my kitchen. We all live busy lives with little time on hands. With so much to do and so much to achieve, we sometimes overlook giving undivided attention to our meals. But with Soulful Palate recipes, you will get ideas about quick and easy to make healthy dishes that would taste great too.

Soulful Palate is not just a food blog but a way of life. Through this I want to encourage all of us (including myself) to live a healthful life that connects us to our food in a divine way.
Let’s make every bite bountiful in joy and nourishment both.

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