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Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Bowl (Overnight Soaked Oats)

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Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Bowl (Overnight Soaked Oats)
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    When in doubt, make oatmeal and thank yourself later.




    Those initial days of newborn baby are full of new adjustments. With new addition to the family, you realize how surprising our journey of Life is. Motherhood is something that cannot be described in words but can only be experienced to understand it’s very essence.

    With not much domestic help at hand, I found it really hard to take out time for self-care. Initially I did have my mom and husband helping me but after sometime you are on your own. Mornings were especially challenging for me because with no set sleeping pattern of my own or the baby, I had to get my elder one timely ready for school. And on top of that packing her lunch and preparing breakfast for us, it would seem like a new mother is hardly getting any rest.

    But for my rescue came this super easy, quick and health friendly recipe for our breakfast meal. As we all know oats is number one recommended food for a breastfeeding mother. So yay….my milk supply is in check too!! All I have to do is soak the rolled oats in plant-based milk (or water) and leave on the counter. In morning I top it up with my favorite fruits and nuts. This recipe has so many variations, so go wild with your creativity and imagination. But I like to always keep it healthy and tasty. Am sure you would want that too. So get some simple idea from the recipe below.

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    Step 1
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    Soak the oats in choice of plant-based milk.
    (Tip: I like to use Almond or Coconut Milk but you can use any. Even regular water will work for this recipe but using plant-milk adds more taste and nutrition.)

    Let it sit overnight on your kitchen counter. Alternatively, if using dairy based milk then put it in the refrigerator.

    Step 2
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    In the morning, simply blend the overnight soaked oats along with a banana and choice of berries. (I used Blueberries)

    Step 3
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    Empty out the blended mixture in a serving bowl and spread it evenly.

    (Note: You can also use frozen fruit to blend with oats in a blender. This will make the oatmeal more thick and creamy.)

    Step 4
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    Slice the banana and place over the oatmeal in a desirable pattern. Throw in some blueberries too if you like. You can further top it up with your choice of nut butter and sweetener.
    (Note: I used Almond Butter and Honey because almond is really good for eyes, brain, skin and honey is anti-bacterial. All these properties make them good choice for a breastfeeding mum.)

    Step 5
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    Tips: You can also add chopped dark chocolate and seeds or nuts. I sometimes mix cacao powder and green moringa powder with oats while soaking. You can modify this recipe however you like.


    I love cooking healthy food that not only nourishes the mind and body, but soul too. Give the gift of both, health and taste to yourself and your loved ones.

    Quick Energy Bites or Bliss Balls
    Mixed Berries and Mango Nicecream
    • 5-10 minutes
    • Serves 1
    • Easy

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    Adjust Servings:
    2 Tbsp/Half Cup Quick Rolled Oats
    1 cup Almond Milk/Choice of Milk
    1-2 Banana
    A Handful or so Blueberries/choice of berries
    1-2 Tsp Choice of Nut Butter
    As per taste Honey/Maple Syrup

    Nutritional information

    63 g
    10.6 g
    11.1 g
    Quick Energy Bites or Bliss Balls
    Mixed Berries and Mango Nicecream

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