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Simple 3-4 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Brownies

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Simple 3-4 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Brownies
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    Nine out of ten people like Chocolate, the tenth person always lie.




    I love this time of the year and I think most of you guys out there too. Holiday season is upon us and I can already picture myself all cozy and bundled up on my living room couch. While we watch Christmas special movies, the scent of hot Chocolate Brownies steaming across the hallway from our kitchen, gets us even more excited for much needed family time.

    I talked about our little baking tradition in my last year’s Christmas special post. Check that post and video recipe here: https://soulfulpalate.com/recipe/christmas-fruit-cake/

    Me and my daughter like to keep our creative juices flowing through some baking together. She is my little Christmas helper and even decides on some of my Food Photography compositions. She is just 5 years old, and I am truly stunned by her culinary skills already. Many of you will say that it is natural for a child to learn how to cook, seeing her mommy cook all those yummy things. But in reality, I hardly cook in front of her. I prefer to finish all my kitchen work while she is at school and give her one-on-one time when she is with me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t encourage her to cook.

    There are innumerable benefits of cooking with kids. It helps improve their mathematical skills and also allows for some bonding time which is really good for their emotional growth. Wow…..working on IQ and EQ at the same time with delicious output, who would miss an opportunity like that. Not me for sure!! So this super easy and healthy recipe will help you kick start your Holiday Spirit and also create some beautiful memories with your family.


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    Step 1
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    Thoroughly mash bananas in a large mixing bowl. Alternatively, you can also blend the bananas in a blending jar to get a smoother texture.

    Step 2
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    Add oats flour and cacao powder in a separate bowl. Give a good mix and then pour in the mashed or pureed bananas.

    Step 3
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    Melt a bar of dark chocolate using the double boiler method. I do not recommend microwaving foods, so try avoiding melting chocolate in the microwave.
    Add melted dark chocolate to the batter and mix everything thoroughly. You can use a hand held blender or a whisker for this purpose.

    (Optional: If you want you can skip this step and simply bake the batter at this stage. Me and my family like the bits of chocolate in between our baked goods, so I prefer to use Dark Chocolate a lot in this simple way. You can also add baking powder and vanilla extract if you want more flavor or spongy texture in your brownies. I prefer moist and super soft texture in brownies that melts into the mouth.)

    Step 4
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    Transfer the batter in a baking dish lined with a parchment paper. Top up the batter with some chopped dark chocolate chunks and give a light swirl folding chocolate chips in the batter.

    Step 5
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    Place the baking dish in a preheated oven and bake for 30-40 minutes at 350 Degrees Fahrenheit. When the tip of a tooth pick or a knife comes out clean, then the batter is cooked.

    Carefully take the baking dish out and let it cool down completely. Remove the baked good from the dish and cut into equal parts. You can serve as it is or even top up with any of your favorite Christmas baking decorations.

    Your Brownies are ready and so should be you to relish them while still hot and drizzly. ENJOY!!


    I love cooking healthy food that not only nourishes the mind and body, but soul too. Give the gift of both, health and taste to yourself and your loved ones.

    Mumbai-style Pav Bhaji (One-pot Vegetables with Buns)
    Double Chocolate Shortbread (Christmas Cookies)
    • 45 minutes
    • Serves 7
    • Easy
    • 350 Degrees F

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    Adjust Servings:
    75 g Cacao Powder
    110 g Rolled Oats Flour
    2 Ripe Banana
    2 Bars-100 g each Dark Chocolate (70-80%)

    Nutritional information

    30 g
    3 g
    4.5 g
    Mumbai-style Pav Bhaji (One-pot Vegetables with Buns)
    Double Chocolate Shortbread (Christmas Cookies)

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